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Dry, hardened skin around the cuticles and finger tips.

Brittle, weak nails that tend to split and break.


How It Works:

  • Massage cuticle & fingertips to help microcirculation for softer, smoother skin and more flexible nails
  • Clinically tested Deglysome helps improve the appearance and texture of compromised skin and nails
  • Helps promote collagen production to improve skin texture and elasticity

What’s the Good Stuff?

• Deglysome                      • Amino Acids

• Olive Oil                           •  Shea butter        

• Vitamins A-C-E


What’s the Good Stuff Do?


  • Deglysome is a clinically proven ingredient that helps prevent glycation for softer, smoother skin.
  • Glycation is caused by poor blood circulation and causes skin to become hard, dry and ragged.


Amino Acids

  • Amino Acids are the building blocks of the nails and skin.
  • Their benefits include moisturizing, strengthening cell structure and repairing surface damage.
  • Amino Acids aid in damage care and improve nail strength and shine.


Olive Oil

  • Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, olive oil works to nourish, heal and repair dry damaged skin.
  • This oil helps fight and prevent damage caused by free radicals.


Shea Butter

  • Shea butter is a natural moisturizer that is high in antioxidants and Vitamins A & E.
  • It enhances the skin’s natural barrier function to help speed healing and improve skin strength and health.


Vitamins A-C-E

  • Vitamin A “The Renewer”- helps promote growth by boosting collagen production and renewing skin and nail cells.
  • Vitamin C “The Protective Corrector”- improves firmness, fights free radicals and provides UV protection.
  • Vitamin E “The Strengthener”- acts as a protective, moisturizing  and strengthening element for nails, especially useful in helping nails and hair to grow and flourish.


How Do You Use It?

Massage a small amount into cuticles and nails. Use at least twice daily for best results.

Nutra Nail "Recovery" Critical Care Cuticle Serum (Pack of 1)

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